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    Friday, November 7, 2014

    Long Time No Post Here

    Hello my fellow bloggers and viewers, if there are any, it is been awhile that I have not posted anything here in my blog. I was too busy for the past few months because I had to work in an office-based as an online teacher. The office is just within my town so it was not really a hassle on my part t travel from home to the office. But after staying there for more than half a year, I then decided to work in the comforts of my home. I resigned from my work, I applied as a home-based online teacher. The work is just the same, the difference is that I am in my room and handles my own schedule.

    Working online home-based, for that matter, is one of the options that we have right now. I have fellow batchmates that also do the same thing. I am starting to like it and I even encourage others to try this. Anyway, Christmas is fast approaching, so I have to work double time so I can save enough money for this season of merry making and gift-giving.

    I am encouraging everyone who has a stable DSL connection at home to maximize your opportunity to earn at home because this will help you become productive and enhance your skills.


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