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    Wednesday, November 19, 2014

    Frozen Christmas In The Mall

    For the year-end celebration this year, it takes a lot of preparation in buying presents to people closed to us. The popularity of Frozen film created a big impact to the crowd form different nations. They seem united and enjoyed to talk about the success story of Anna and Elsa. In SM Baguio, you cannot roll your eyes of not seeing the motif; it is in the middle foundation of the mall. As compared from the previous years, the security is so tight. The limitations in taking photos in the area seem overrated. I can't wait to bring my little niece to have her photos with the cast of Frozen. I am sure. Wide-open eyes will be the next thing to happen.

    Mister Watch Repairman Shop

    In Baguio City, it is inevitable to remember the old school days. A simple lifestyle diminishes as the years go by, the old folks could relate with the inquisitive changes in the modern world. When I was a toddler, I had seen the changes as the world become more complex state. A perfect example, a simple Baguio boy learns to live in a modest lifestyle and be happy to have wrist watch possession. If it is broken or need to be repaired, watch repairman is available to render his service on the street. You heard it right. All types of watches can be repaired without a doubt. Young generations would not be able to understand the value of simple livelihood that brings simple joy. At present, the repairmen of watches are still exist and continued to serve the people on the sidewalk. Glimpse of simple lifestyle that can never be forget in the city.

    Friday, November 7, 2014

    Long Time No Post Here

    Hello my fellow bloggers and viewers, if there are any, it is been awhile that I have not posted anything here in my blog. I was too busy for the past few months because I had to work in an office-based as an online teacher. The office is just within my town so it was not really a hassle on my part t travel from home to the office. But after staying there for more than half a year, I then decided to work in the comforts of my home. I resigned from my work, I applied as a home-based online teacher. The work is just the same, the difference is that I am in my room and handles my own schedule.

    Working online home-based, for that matter, is one of the options that we have right now. I have fellow batchmates that also do the same thing. I am starting to like it and I even encourage others to try this. Anyway, Christmas is fast approaching, so I have to work double time so I can save enough money for this season of merry making and gift-giving.

    I am encouraging everyone who has a stable DSL connection at home to maximize your opportunity to earn at home because this will help you become productive and enhance your skills.

    Sunday, December 15, 2013

    Farmville Back Home

    In our humble abode here in Baguio city, my family uses the vacant lot at the back as our mini version farmville. My mother is fond of almost any species of plants that every addition of her flora collection just simply grow bigger and beautiful. The weather in the mountain region is just the perfect environment to cultivate different types of plants and greenthumb that we had makes even more like a paradise for these greens. In my case, I had a couple of vegetable seeds that I planted just a few months back and these little cutie baby vegetables sprouted and ready to flourish in time. Aside from being used as ornamental to our little garden, these vegetable plants, in time, would also serve as healthy ingredients to some great dishes.


    Oblation Run 2013

    More than 30 members of APO fraternity ran naked with only paper mask covering their face on December 13 this year. It is an annual tradition of the brotherhood to commemorate their founding anniversary and, at the same time, use this famous naked run to echo out their stand among pressing issues happening to the country today.

    This year's naked theme was about pushing better risk reduction management. A theme where every Filipino is affected due to the recent catastrophe happened in the Visayas region-- the havoc of Typhoon Haiyoon--which claimed thousands of life and left thousands homeless, injured and, others, still missing. The group would like to encourage and pushes the government to have better plans in times like this to avoid such sufferings in the future.

    The naked man standing with all his might without hesitation is UP's symbol of selfless offering to the country. A bold call resonating to every Filipinos.

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