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  • Oblation Run 2013 ~ A Journey to a New World

    Sunday, December 15, 2013

    Oblation Run 2013

    More than 30 members of APO fraternity ran naked with only paper mask covering their face on December 13 this year. It is an annual tradition of the brotherhood to commemorate their founding anniversary and, at the same time, use this famous naked run to echo out their stand among pressing issues happening to the country today.

    This year's naked theme was about pushing better risk reduction management. A theme where every Filipino is affected due to the recent catastrophe happened in the Visayas region-- the havoc of Typhoon Haiyoon--which claimed thousands of life and left thousands homeless, injured and, others, still missing. The group would like to encourage and pushes the government to have better plans in times like this to avoid such sufferings in the future.

    The naked man standing with all his might without hesitation is UP's symbol of selfless offering to the country. A bold call resonating to every Filipinos.


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