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  • The Bourne Identity (2002) ~ A Journey to a New World

    Saturday, November 3, 2012

    The Bourne Identity (2002)

    Director: Doug Liman
    Written By: Tony Gilroy, W. Blake Herron & Robert Ludlum
    Lead Actors: Matt Damon, Franka Potente & Chris Cooper
    Genre: Action, Suspense

               A man was found at the Mediterranean Sea 60 miles South of Marseille. He is experiencing retrograde amnesia, trying to find his real identity. Along the course of looking the real truth, Jason Bourne ( Matt Damon) acquainted with Marie Helena Kreutz. Eventually, both went to Zurich to retrieve what is in silver box deposited in the bank. The mystery started and the life became complicated, since the Treadstone under the umbrella of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was looking for to them. They aim to terminate Jason Bourne to conceal the anomaly of the Treadstone operation.

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              A stormy weather in Mediterranean Sea near Marseille, the fishermen on a board in the sailing boat rescue a man afloat in the strong waves of the body of water. The man (Matt Damon) sustained a gunshot wound at the upper back area, particularly at the left lateral scapula and at the right medial border of the scapula. One of the Italian fishermen aided him by removing the bullets. Further ocular inspection of the body, the fisherman noticed a scar at the hip area, he incised and found approximately 3 inches length of penlight-size laser; it shows the bank account number in Zurich. The man awakens that seems disoriented, concluding that he is manifesting amnesia episode. Moreover, he speaks fluently in different languages. I appreciate the multilinguistic skills, it shows how good the lead actor Matt Damon in uttering the proper enunciating the languages. In my mind, why does it need to incise a healed scar. The bottom line, the film story will be ended if the fisherman didn't recovered the details from that object. After a few days staying on the boat, Jason Bourne decided to take off in the pier to search further.    

              Assuming that he is empty-handed traveling through riding on a train. He decided to sleep on a bench in the park, and then the policemen approached and asked the identification documents from him. The confrontation escalated that he executes his ability to defend himself. The night after the incidence, he went straight to the bank. At first, he thought that his identity will be found from the silver box. But then, he got confused for having numerous passports with different names and nationalities, currencies from different states and a gun. Then he rushed to pack his things in a red bag and leaves the gun.  I feel strange that a gun can be deposited for safety keeping in a bank. 

              When Jason Bourne sensed that the police are looking for him, he goes straight into the US embassy. In the embassy, an officer tried to stop him but Bourne outwits them. In my opinion, they had seen Bourne in the building but the policemen didn't give order to the others to encircle the vicinity.

              After going down from the edges of the building, Bourne persuade a woman (Marie Helena Kreutz) with car parked at the back of the building. Jason offered her to an initial payment of $10, 000 to bring to Paris and be paid another $10, 000. Marie was hesitant to help him, since the police car passed-by and suspecting was the one they are looking for. She needs the money agreed to go along with Bourne's travel plan, ignoring the fact that it would be a danger idea. The portrayal by Franka Potente is very convincing as she had the conversation with a stranger.

              A strong personality of Alexander Conklin (Chris Cooper), the leader of Treadstone showed his power to deploy three assassins to chase and eliminate Jason Bourne. Since Jason failed to kill Wombosi (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), the Treadstone need to conceal the truth behind that mission. The film shows a well-organized networking to activate the invisible assassins. 

              As Bourne and Marie arrived in Paris, they proceed to his apartment. Marie has the chance to leave him having $20, 000 is enough, but she decided to go along with Bourne. Since the Treadstone identified her as a gypsy. Getting into his apartment, he started to investigate any clues for his identity. Then he redialled his phone, checking any traces of having last call. Then he found out that he has reservation in Regina Hotel with the name of Michael Kane. At the end of the line, Kane died in a vehicular accident. Then suddenly one of the assassins (Castel) tried to kill him, Bourne successfully pinned down the man and asked any information that may lead them to something, but the man run through and jumps out from the building. While Marie was in hysterical for knowing that Castel's bag contains pictures and description of them. Then shocked of what she had witnessed. Both escape from the scene, while assisting Marie moving out from the building.

              The Treadstone manages to bluff Wombosi by putting a false dead body in the morgue. Wombosi went to the morgue, he strongly believe that the body is not the one who attempted to assassinate him. Both Bourne and Kreutz followed after in the morgue, but the dead body was moved out. Prior to that, they made a tactic to get essential informations in Regina Hotel. I find it entertaining; Marie had a simple conversation by obtaining information in the Hotel. On the middle of the street, the newspaper headline that Wombosi died and Bourne figured out that he is an assassin. The next thing happen, Jason and Marie decided to hide in France. The place belongs to Marie's stepbrother (Eamon) lives.

              The night staying the house, Bourne decided to have a new life with Marie. In the following day, the Eamon's dog is nowhere to be found. Then Bourne asked Marie, Eamon and children to hide in the basement. Bourne with Eamon's shotgun exiting from door's entrance, he shot the explosive tank to distract Professor (Clive Owen). In the field, Bourne got the chance to shoot Professor and opened-up about the background the Treadstone. Eventually the assassin died, Bourne persuaded Marie to move away for safety. It is very inspiring moment saying good bye and losing hope not to see each other again. 

              Finally, Bourne makes a call to Conklin to meet with him, that's one of his strategies to track down the Treadstone Headquarters. There is no second thought, Bourne confronted Conklin and the Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) pointing the gun to them, he started to remember the lost memory of his real identity and the mission for not killing Wombosi. The reason, Bourne can not do his task because Wombosi's children are in the yacht. Wombosi awaken and shot Bourne twice at the back before jumping off to the open sea.  Afterwhich, Bourne wanted to be free from the shadow of Treadstone as requested to Conklin. Jason Bourne noticed that the conversations was tap in the radio, he managed to flee by killing two people. The last assassin named as Manheim shot to death Conklin, then Abbott shutdown the Treadstone. Then he presented the end of the project operation and proposed Blackbriar as the next operation. The ending showed that Marie had her own scooter's venture in Greece, as Bourne suddenly showed up. It was really a happy ending for the couple.

              The flow of the film directed was very entertaining in terms of the stunts acted by Matt Damon. The music blended during the fight scene, it adds interest to the viewers.

    Rating: 9/10
    Running Time: 1 hour and 56 minutes


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