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    Thursday, December 6, 2012

    Party in the British Residence Tajikistan

              Along the journey in Tajikistan, I was invited to a farewell party of our co-volunteer in the British Residence in Dushanbe. I was overwhelmed to join the other VSO volunteers, to spend the time with the Senator of Ireland last 17th of September 2010. Senator Fiona O’ Malley had the chance to visit the country as VSO volunteer.

              It is a great thing to join the said venue; I haven’t seen the other volunteers since I arrived in Tajikistan. The party was successful, meeting the other nationalities and some Tajikistan officials. Among the most excitement caught my attention is getting acquainted with the first President Qahhor Mahkamov and the Vice-Chairman Lochin Faizulloev of Tajikistan.

              The residence was filled of Tajik music as played in musical instruments in the corner. Some of the guest of the gathering had participated and shown with the traditional dance on the center of the floor. I might say I was also lucky to sign up my name on the guest book of the British Residence in Tajikistan. I am so proud to wear the national dress for men of the Philippines, the “Barong Tagalog”.


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