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    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    Souvenir: Rug Doll

                One month prior to my departure back to Philippines on 14th of August 2011. It was a tradition to brought something from the place you've been to. So I decided to go around the Capital: Dushanbe. I personally survey every boutiques in town. Checking souvenirs, I can't find a unique token to bring with me and packed in my luggage. Finally, I have found what I'm seeking for. A doll couple, the dolls were wearing traditional clothes for men and women in Tajikistan.


    Thanks a lot for posting these beautiful dolls! I am an Ethnic doll collector and have been looking for dolls from old Soviet. Recently I bought one without a tag so I couldn't figure out what the origin was..Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan or Tajikistan? I suspected Tajikistan...but hard to find on the internet their local dolls I can compare to or at least a clear understanding of traditional wear.
    Then I found your photo! Yey! Not exact doll (girl) but similar wear...except mine does not have a unibrow:) Salamat!

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