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    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    Stress Management: Create Your Craft in Lego

    We have a lot of ways to vent out all the stress we are going through our lives. Some people will read books, go around the mall, chat with close friends, surf the internet, work out in the gym and so forth. Whatever the activities you are into, the goal is to ease up the tension lingered in your spine.

    Some instances, there is no way the resources are available. The statement made me resort to another way of relieving the stress from work. When I worked in one of the American company in China last 2007, I used to buy lego toys in boxes. It is worth to have 10 RMB per box, spreading the lego on the floor and find time to assemble into tangible figures. At the end of my contract in that company, the lego forms into a police station. 


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