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  • The White Water ~ A Journey to a New World

    Monday, August 12, 2013

    The White Water

                   For those people who have the passion to travel and experience the river rafting, they tend to plunge in the Chico River of Kalinga. The excitement rushed into their spine as they puddled along the strong current of the river. It seems the adventure never ends for the traveler, taking into consideration the mode of transportation to reach the starting point of river rafting.

    Rock Formation in Chico River

    Leisure Time in Chico River

                    As for me, I had once live in Tinglayan, Kalinga and there’s no rush of dipping my feet into the Chico River. In fact, it is just situated at the back of the house where I stayed for months. For a few quick steps on the foot path going to the river, it replenished the exhaustion in your body.

    Picking Stones in the Riverside


                    A simple way to spend your leisure time with simplicity, a customized goggle can be used to catch marine animals. Taking the time to view the rock formation in the river side, can bring uplift your scarred feeling of loneliness. Being away from the family, especially living in the city is not an easy task. The chances are to explore the place and experience new things with your friends.

                    Some local people used to go for swimming or even set a schedule to have picnic in this area. A new experience will never be the same as river rafting, but taking your ample time to swim in the Chico River is enough for a great adventure in life or even picking small stones form into different shapes and shades of color could make you smile. 


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