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  • CZ12: Chinese Zodiac (2013) ~ A Journey to a New World

    Friday, January 25, 2013

    CZ12: Chinese Zodiac (2013)

    Director: Jackie Chan
    Lead actor: Jackie Chan
    Genre: Action, Adventure
    Synopsis:The ancestral artifacts were made the man on search for them in this film. The 12 Chinese zodiac bronze heads are the relics in old times that sold in million in auctions. 

              The film started to a stunts using body-customized roller blade by the lead actor Jackie Chan (Martin). In some points of view, the introduction of the story was vague to comprehend the plot. In addition, the mixed languages used made the movie lines incomprehensible. 
            The flow of the story is so simple, though the actions in every scene showed the trademark of Jackie Chan moves. Most of the actors are Asians; it out shined the other foreign actors. It showed the flexibility of the native speakers to communicate through the medium of Chinese language.
             As the story played on the screen, I find the jungle place roaming around with the team to search and the humorous lines are not that appealing for the viewers. Moreover, the place depicts the old-fashioned film Indian Jones. It will not be new to the movie goers, though the execution of the adventurous act was done according to catch and chase scenario.
             As it circulates the media network that this will be the last film for the actor Jackie Chan, he can take all the credits that had been successful in the limelight of showbiz. The future plans can never tell what will be the next for him. But there will be the possibility that he can have more films and be a director and doing the stunts off the screen.

    Rating: 7 out of 10
    Running Time: 120 minutes


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