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    Monday, January 21, 2013

    The Official Room for Meditation

              The people find their own sanctuary to obtain a peaceful environment. The ideal silence echoed in four corners of the room make the universe to imbibe the sentiments of life. The hot spot for inner peace of meditation, resolving any puzzles that will satisfy self-less act in Tajikistan.

                 I had created my own world in this room. The books, pens, papers and a note book are my loyal allies to form brilliant ideas. The ideas that made things happen, a great job that no one even thinks of. A simple tap of my shoulder gave the courage of continuing of what I’ve started.

              There is no feeling of isolation, the moment of being alone with my Jamshed dummy doll at my side, a life with full of unexpected contentment. The no face doll works with its facial expression based on my own mood in a daily basis, that’s the power of imagination. Embracing the commitment to validate ought to make a change.

              The simple adhesions, sticking the brochures on the wall serves a perfect design. It is a perfect design with no need of having final touch. The decision trees with appropriate strategic procedures to carry-on my responsibilities. The moment of truth is no turning back, the will to move forward.

             The silence of this room made possible for the deeper thoughts to materialize with pride, the dedication to impart the essential skills needed for the local people of Kurgan Teppa. 


    I do believe me we all need our little space for peace and meditation or else we go insane, hehe.... I love the chandelier in your room but I'm scared of your faceless dolly, hehe... :( Will post my room/sanctuary soon and will link your post...

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