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    Sunday, January 20, 2013

    The Tea House in Tajikistan

               If you don’t want to host for tea party and no chance for having the all the preparations, then this is the best time to have something on the table. Then there is no need to get into rush decision of declining the moment with friends. The Tea House is the place you can invite the peers, it is located along the road in Rudaki Dushanbe. The ambiance is so great to explore and you can never feel lost when your there. The structure of the building is crafted with tiles transforming into an art.

                Along side of the building there are some items that you can grab as a souvenir, the great paintings are hanged on the wall. I can still remember having some stuff here prior to my departure back to the Philippines. If you cannot find anything that will suit to your taste, then you just have a few distances across the road. Some of the establishment offers the same souvenir items and small shops that might be interesting to purchase.


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