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    Wednesday, October 3, 2012

    A Penny for Souvenir

            The foreign currency in Tajikistan is in Somoni. The fluctuation of exchange is seasonal. In 2011, 1 Somoni foreign exchange is equivalent to $0.24. Living in a modest life, I can buy food cheaper in "bozor" or public market. For instance, a kilo of cherry / staple rice is about 5 Somoni ($1.18), egg per piece for 2 Somoni ($0.05) and so forth. Otherwise, you can have a ready cook meal from a decent restaurants or fastfood chains. In my case, I used to have proper meal in fastfood such as western regular size of burger, potato fries and cola for about 10 Somoni ($2.36).  In some point, ordering "shashlik" in a local resto for more or less 20 Somoni ($4.73). Since I'm scheduled to go back home that year. I managed to changed the Somoni bills and left 2 pennies of Somoni as a token from this country.

    Tajikistan Coins for a total of 4 Somoni ($0.95)


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