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  • Lay-over in Qatar ~ A Journey to a New World

    Sunday, October 7, 2012

    Lay-over in Qatar

              Looking back from my travel adventure alone, I have the feeling of nerve wrack. After passing through Philippines' immigration last 29th of August 2010, waiting for my turn on board in Qatar Airways. The departure time is in early morning around 6:35 AM, basically I didn't have my breakfast. Although I had eaten a menu served in the airplane, it was not enough for me to have full stomach. It was a long flight for approximately 9 hours 25 minutes, as I had my stopover in Qatar Airport connecting flight to Turkey, I roamed around the airport, I decided to search for foreign exchange counter to have Qatar bills. After having my quick meal, I may say that I'm ready for the next long trip. Then I moved forward to the waiting area bound to Turkey.


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