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  • Strawberry Farm ~ A Journey to a New World

    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    Strawberry Farm

    Some people await "ber" months; it starts in the month of September in Baguio City. During these months' period, strawberries are starting to be abundant in public market especially on December onwards. Fresh strawberries are so popular for some lowlanders, since it is one of the domestic commodities in the city. The sellers used to pack the fruit in boxes, nowadays it is segregated depending on its sizes slid in a styrofoam containers wrap with transparent plastic sheets.  Another, this kind of berry is commonly produced into jams and likely, they are transported to different places for reselling it or bring it home for their loved ones.

    How about harvesting strawberries in the farm land? If you wish to experience to harvest of your own berries, you can take a ride to La Trinidad. Take a peek some souvenirs, such as knitted clothes, tribal-like key chains, and strawberry-like coin purses and among others.  




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