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    Sunday, October 28, 2012

    Life in the Graveyard

             Early morning last 28th day of October, my siblings and I went to graveyard of our loved ones; it is simply for the reason of cleaning up the area after the year of last visit. It is a tradition for Filipinos to set the date bound to the public cemetery and give respect to the people left us behind, believing that there is life after death. 


          Beforehand, we lit a single candle at the tomb. Then we started to remove the grasses and dirt’s cluttered in the fences. It took us hours to wipe out the unwanted materials stained the surroundings. We don't mind the abrasions incurred in accomplishing the task. 

            Traditionally seen in white painted rectangular boxes, a very unique yard compared to other countries. The statues in different forms at the head of tombs, tombs are elevated from the ground and altars installed in the graveyard. 

             The residents of Baguio City used to do the same act as we've done for the day in Baguio Cemetery. It is fascinating to see people re-painting the graveyards, offer prayers, and even install temporary mini stores to sell things.  


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