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  • The Day of the Dead ~ A Journey to a New World

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    The Day of the Dead

    Across the country, the Halloween is celebrated differently. In America, children used to visit house to house to ask for candies or sweets, a trick or treat. Some of them wear halloween costumes to make it more realistic, especially for pre-schoolers having a party.

    Most likely, some personnels in establishments wear scary clothes and bloody makeups. In SM Baguio, I saw these halloween masks: dracula, witches, white lady and the like.

    For Filipinos, the hallowed tradition of visiting their dead loved ones in public or private cemetery. There is no other way of ignoring the special day, taking the chance to travel back to their hometown.  The family, relatives and friends lit candles in their tombs with flowers and offer prayers.     


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