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    Sunday, November 24, 2013

    Christmas Is Near!

    Despite the unfortunate series of events that happened in our country lately, we, Filipinos, still mirror the symbols of hope and courage; characteristics that are contagious and are a must these days. In less than 30 days before Christmas, establishments around the summer capital of the Philippines are all prep up and laced with these colorful decorations and merry making songs are played almost everywhere. This only mark for the coming of that very special natal day of our Savior.

    The scent of pine trees mixed with the cold breeze here in Baguio city only adds to that Christmas spirit everyone is looking forward during Yuletide season.  When I was roaming around the city one fine afternoon, I happened to pass by at SM Baguio and had the chance to see their annual Christmas decoration located at the very center of the mall. The red, green, and gold color abound the entire mall.

    Families, friends, and everyone who happened to pass by the mall could not resist to stop and appreciate the wonderful and awe inspiring decorations prepared in front of them.

    But let us all remember that the true meaning of Christmas is not just all about these shining and lavish decorations on this material world, but what is more important is the genuine heart that we are all willing to share to everyone.  


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