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  • Picnic by the River ~ A Journey to a New World

    Sunday, November 3, 2013

    Picnic by the River

    One advantage working in the rural part of the Philippines is the chance of enjoying and actually experience the wonders of nature.  Natural wonders abound the country wherein everyone is entitled to appreciate and savor until his heart's content only He can provide.

    Development work, and work, in general, could be very exhausting that a quick break from all the stress is imperative before it runs out one's sanity. Whenever we got the opportunity and everyone is available, we always find time to explore the place and do something recreational. A quick tour in the nearby Bunog river together with my colleagues, is one way for us to relief ourselves from the very tiring yet fulfilling work that we had.

    Bunog river is a stream located in Poblacion of Tinglayan, Kalinga. The estimate terrain elevation is 229 meters above sea level.

    Armed with our backpacks and some food to share for everyone, we headed to the river to plunge in the cool water and had picnic on the surrounding big stone boulders that served both as tables and jumping platforms.

    Colleagues preparing for the river dip

    A nice smile before my swim

    "What should I wear for the swim?..."

    fresh cool water coming from the surrounding mountain

    Another big smile to end the day and to welcome another day. 

    Rural life can be too simple for some of us, but the ability to find and to do something new every now and then is a challenge and rewarding experience.


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