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  • Some Farm Friends ~ A Journey to a New World

    Friday, November 1, 2013

    Some Farm Friends

    Animals live together with humans for millions of years now, proof were the ancient arts found on the cave walls and even fossilized animals along with remains of human in many archaeological sites in the world. As time goes by, the relationship between human and animal becomes more sophisticated and mutually beneficial as both work hand in hand to survive.

    The dog which is typically labeled as man's best friend is considered the first domesticated animal. These canine companions serve as guardian and could even fight and sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their master. A noble act significantly one of the best characteristics of dogs.

    Along with dogs, some species of  animals like horse and pig are also domesticated to provide assistance in the farm life. In Tinglayan, where I used to work as a CF (Community Facilitator) for a community development, dogs are can be found everywhere together with other farm animals.

     a native dog in Barangay Sunadel 2

    a dog with zebra-like pattern coat in the mountain side of Barangay Sumadel 1

    horses going to Poblacion of Tinglayan

    a carabao along the road to Barangay Tulgao East and West

    a native pig from the mountain known as "jersey"

    It is said that native pigs taste better compared to commercially-fed counterparts.

    horse leaving his chocolate drops on the road going to Barangay Ambato-Legleg 
    which can be utilized as an organic fertilizer in the plowing fields.

    Ultimate dog's handsome best friend (Hehe)


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