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  • Palang-ah Falls and Crossing Bridge ~ A Journey to a New World

    Sunday, November 3, 2013

    Palang-ah Falls and Crossing Bridge

    During my development work days in Tinglayan, Kalinga, my usual routine was to monitor the project being implemented in the community and making sure that everyone is involved as the work progresses.  One project was the irrigation system, which in time, once completed, would benefit the nearby communities especially in providing constant water supply from the natural resources in their agricultural fields. 

    One typical work day in the field, my colleagues and I went to do ocular inspection to the irrigation site and to gather data for the report and documentation purpose needed.  It was a fine and sunny day that time that walking along the trek and passing through the thick forest were somehow thrilling in nature. It would take several minutes to an hour just to reach the site, but seeing the wonders of mother nature surrounding the place one could not just resist to enjoy.

    We were able to visit the Palang-ah falls along the way and got the chance to pass through the narrow suspended steel bridge. There was not any grand about the falls compared to others that I have visited, but what was enchanting to me was the loud roar the waterfall makes that resembles to a good music in the my ears. It is somehow therapeutic and at the same time rejuvenating to the soul. It is a reminder that life has to go on and dance with the flow of the water where it is heading.


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