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    Sunday, November 3, 2013

    Inspection and Mud Surpise

    Field visit and local immersion are a must when one is involved in community development, as staying in the office doing the paperwork is not sufficient. This is to ensure that the blueprint and the actual work coincide as planned. In addition, making sure that everyone who is part of the development process is helping hand in hand and aware of the project as it progresses.    

    The mountainous province of Kalinga is the one of the select areas among the Cordillera region that highly benefits to the development projects implemented by the national government and partnership with some international NGO.  The area where I'm working as a CF (Community Facilitator) is surrounded by rich flora and fauna. The locals were able to utilize the natural resources that they had to to their advantage.  Agriculture and animal husbandry are the main source of livelihood in communities. In relation to that, projects in irrigation system and improvement of farm to market road were the focal point of the development work.

    My colleagues and I went to visit one of the irrigation site we were handling to see if the project plan was properly executed. A long trek was needed to reach the site passing one mountain to another, jumping and hopping riverbank to the next, and painstakingly crossing narrow dirt and muddy pathway. Always an adventure for everyone. Work and play were never this thrilling. 

    While we were descending the place after the inspection visit, the heaven was about to cry that I decided to walk fast downhill, my colleagues were not able to catch up on me and, eventually, I got off the track. The trek was getting too wet and muddy that I was caught off guard and slid while making my way down. My pants and shirt splashed with chocolate-colored mud and unfortunately suffered some bruise which left a mile-long scar on my arms.  Nevertheless, the experience that I had with my job would never be replaced as it molded and expanded my horizon in the field of community development and natural resources rehabilitation.  

    a good view of the community with the rainbow
     beaming across the mountain mist 

    Nice backdrop for photo ops

    found shelter to rest and to breathe in this little hut

    bundles of rice stalks ready for milling or manual pounding 
    with the use of large wood-made mortar and pestle

    trekking in between greens

    passing through almost covered pathway 

    the walking continues...
    a quick stop for a pose 

    ...and again.

    picture taking even if it's hot

    got mud?

    I had a lot!

    In the end, it's not the destination which highly plays in your journey, but the challenges you were able to conquer. On how you play despite the difficulties and still displays the smile after.


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