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  • Human Anime in Robinsons ~ A Journey to a New World

    Saturday, December 15, 2012

    Human Anime in Robinsons

    It is fun to witness the human anime, the participants of the Animax Carnival Philippines 2012. Last 9th of December, I managed to take my chance dropping by in Robinsons Place Manila Midtown Atrium to see the people dressed up in anime. Personally speaking, it is not my passion to play online animated games. But seeing the people dressed into costumes, I was surprised and the places was like a carnival or visit the Toy Land Kingdom.

    The participants showcased their animated costumes with pride, as they parade in the venue. The distinct designs were shown in details; children will be delighted to see the different personas as a human anime or manga characters. It is worth to spend the time seeing the cosplayers for the first time.


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