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    Sunday, December 2, 2012

    The Priceless of Good Will

              A week in August 2011 prior to my departure back to Philippines, intense mixed emotions linger into my total being. The mission had almost been ended in Tajikistan, the saying good bye was hard to do. The adjustment period mingling with people, the worth of staying for one year will soon be treasured in memories.
    I feel so overwhelm with the scene, saying a farewell speech to the people that I considered my second family. The friendship had bonded along the course of my journey to accomplish my mission. The sentiments hold me back for a while, and then my translator had to call my attention that it is time. Walking in the hallway was so heavy to cruise through the function room. The room became my stage to conduct training in series with the health care provider in PMPC. Now, it is the last day of stepping forward to say my last piece of words.

              I can still remember, my translator had requested to write down my speech before entering the room. At first, I spoke to her that there is no need since the words will be simple to deliver. I realized that she also feel the same way, she is in teary eyes. Then I had seen the sincerity of the people whom I had been with for a year. Thus, I felt that they accepted me as like of their own.

              The last glimpse of the terrain traveling back to Dushanbe, I felt so sentimental to sight the road. The adventure that not even my colleague haven't tried to explore. The memories and the legacy of staying here have known by the local people, proudly representing the Philippines.


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