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    Monday, December 3, 2012

    Tajikistan: Volunteer in Action

              The worth to be placed in a mission is very fulfilling, the meaningful action of a volunteer drawn the people to smile for touching their lives. Looking back where it all started, stepping into the land of Tajikistan. The journey had made me overjoyed, to work with open arms in the community level.

    PMPC Kurgan Teppa

    PMPC Medical Students

              Traveling across the nearby districts from my placement in Kurgan Teppa, it gives the opportunity to wander the beauty of the provinces. Seemingly, the local people accepted me with so warmth welcome that you cannot resist.  It was the chance to experience living with the local people in the community.

    Bokthar District

    Vaksh District

    Khorazun District

              In partnership with the other international organization: Operation Mercy, Handicap International and VSO, it gives more work forces to combat and fulfill the emergency response mission in Tajikistan.  It was a good relationship working with them, facing the shortcomings were just a fuel to be motivated in imparting the skills needed by the health workers in the affected area. The output delivered the rehabilitation services needed by the people with disability or PWDs.
    The camaraderie efforts of the team had created a great impact to change the lives of people. The sustainable program had been rendered effectively; the skills will still be continued by the people who were trained to cater the people with disability or PWDs.


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