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    Monday, December 3, 2012

    Tenderness (2009)

    Director: John Polson
    Lead Actors: Russel Crowe, Jon Foster and Sophie Traub
    Genre: Thriller

    The film depicts the novel story authored by Robert Cormier. A psychopath thriller, it is finding real truth behind the death of Eric's family in the film. Detective Cristofuoro tried to solve the case, determining the twisted mind in Eric's real story.


    The first part of the movie, the kissing scene made me feel awkward. But the film regains its quality upon playing instrumental sounds while the narrator (Russel Crowe) started to tell the story.

    The director showed the possible scenario of teenager is violated with crime, as Sophie Traub portrayed in the grocery store as a sales clerk. . Teenage lives in a dysfunctional family in the suburban area.

    It is a very touching moment for Russel Crowe to take good care of his wife laid on the bed in a comatose state. While Jon Foster (Eric Poole) portrayed juvenile teenager imprison for a violent crime.

    The film shown twisted situation, as Lori (Sophie Traub) run away from the house and get acquainted to Eric after he was released from prison. The young actor shown typical psychopath behaviour, fulfilling the fantasy he had from the past. There are some episodes of twisted attempts to Lori, along the road trip with him.

    The entrapment scene was a foul for the ex-convict. In my opinion, if they really think that Eric is not capable to live in the community. They just need to run a test if he is really a psychopath, if there is indication he can detained in mental asylum.

    At the end of the story, it is a win-lose situation, Eric was imprison for the death of Lori, who commit suicide in the lake and Detective Cristofuoro finally got what he wanted. The story ended with the death mystery of a woman killed by Eric and Lori was the eye-witness. The truth remains untold in the film.

    Rank: 8/10


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