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    Saturday, December 8, 2012

    Tajikistan: Wedding Ceremony

              In Kurgan Teppa, Tajikistan - After working hours in PMPC last 23rd of September 2010, my co-workers and I went to nearby restaurant to attend the wedding celebration. The celebration is different from where I came from, the usual wedding in the church and proceed to the reception area. In this country, after they were blessed as newly wed; the family, relatives and friends follow the newly wed in the park to show to the community that they are married.

              The guest and the newly wed dance on the floor, it was so fascinating to witness this kind of occasion. Even I participated to dance, seemingly copying their way of dance. The laugh and smile of each everyone filled the moment of being there. I got fully surprised that most of my local women colleagues dance so gracefully.  

              The tables are filled with their traditional food and I feel so comfortable with my local colleagues. They worn their traditional clothes with style, the beads embroidered were so unique and the head scarf with different shades of color.


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