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    Sunday, December 2, 2012

    Season of the Witch (2011)

    Director: Dominic Sena
    Lead Actor: Nicolas Cage
    Genre: Supernatural, Thriller

    Nicolas Cage as the Crusader went back to a place experiencing black plague. Along side with him his close friend Ron Perlman. The church instructed them to deliver the accused young witch lady (Claire Foy) to monastery of monks, since they believed that she was the cause of the plague in the place. Along the journey, Nicolas Cage's group set off to accomplish the mission: the priest, a knight (Ulrich Thomsen), a swindler (Stephen Graham) and a young man dreamed to be a knight (Robert Sheehan). 


              The story started to hanging three women, whom they known as practicing witchcraft. The film showed the supernatural power of black witches. It will make you feel goosebumps, when one woman had awaken from death.

              As I watched the war scene, it seems that the costumes worn by the knights were so clean without dirt. It contradicts the 14th century way of being warriors during that time. The film had depicted the strong faith to God against the supernatural beliefs against people who practices the witchcraft.

              I got the second thought, why do they need to transport the witch to the monk's monastery. Since the church has the priests who can handle the supernatural beliefs. "Is that making the witch strong enough to out wit the priests in the church?"

              The places along the journey were so spooky; it makes the thrill to shriek in fright. The black witch (Claire Foy) portrays a good role for showing the two sides of having angelic face and the showing the spell of deception in every member of the group, claimed by the priest (Stephen Campbell Moore).

              At the end of the film, Nicolas Cage fought against the welfare of the fate of this woman. The demon had tricked them; the monastery place is one of his plans. After all the fight against the evil, it was overturned that the good faith always prevails. Cage died with his comrade knight (Ron Perlman), the only left is the young man who wanted to be a knight (Robert Sheehan) and the young woman (Claire Foy) released from being a witch.

    Rate: 8/10


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