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  • The First Snow in Tajikistan ~ A Journey to a New World

    Thursday, December 6, 2012

    The First Snow in Tajikistan

             For Filipino like me, it is a dream to experience the snow as commonly seen in the movies. In every film, the white Christmas had shown every month of December. Last 14th of January 2011, the first snowy feeling came to reality in Kurgan Teppa, Tajikistan.

           The pouring of rain from the sky in winter season is the sign for the snow to come in the country. I ignored the cold weather and run straight forward in the people's park. Some local people feel so strange looking at me as I make Mr. Snowman. At the back of my mind, how I wish to share the overwhelming experience with my family. 

             In Dushanbe, I used to visit some Filipino friends whom I acquainted with. All of us had the feeling of excitement; taking turns to peek in veranda to witness the snow drizzled outside the flat.


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