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    Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    Creative Writing

              Let the author moves your mind into imagination and feel the story with inner sentiments. The different emotions sway to your satisfaction of reading more stories to tell. The creativeness will bring you to a new world.

    A Ghostly Stranger
    A Homeless
    A Melody in The Genes
    Ancestors Tomb Visit
    A Painter with No Paint
    A Perfect Simple Meal
    A Young Woman in Uniform
    Baby Lullaby in Hammock
    Baby's Mirror Image
    Bear in Cable Bus
    Christmas House in The Mall
    Church with Bells
    Death of an Innocent Soul
    Demon Horse in the Philippines
    Ethnicity in Stone
    Fishing in The Lake Park
    Flowers Forever
    Footsteps in Volunteerism
    Friendship in Brotherhood
    Garden Lovers in The Backyard
    Handshake Style
    Hang Out in College Days
    How Beautiful are Your Writings?
    Human Existence Camouflage
    I Can See Stars in Daylight
    Joe Bloggs Blogs to Blog Site
    Milk on Wheels
    Musical Ethnic Blow Instrument
    My Eyesight, Hearing and Voice
    My Farm in Facebook
    My Life is Over
    Native Backpack in Baguio City
    Nipa House
    Pulling Me Down
    Rider's Passenger
    Serenade The Lovely Lady
    Shop The Window Mall
    Star Light, Star Bright..
    Talk Like a Baby
    The Animal World
    The Bunk Bed Shook
    The Christmas Collections in The House
    The Creepiest Daydream
    The Day of Birth
    The Flight of Stairs
    The Joy in Goodwill
    The Idiomatic Expression Usage
    The Jeep Beeps Passengers"
    The Life with Reason in Education"
    The Man in North Pole"
    The Official Room for Meditation
    The Prophecy of Judgment Day"
    The Real Circle of Friends
    The Sea Creatures
    The Simple Beauty
    The Vampire in the Philippines
    Top 10 Oldest Personal Hygiene
    Trees Bear Golds
    Type Like a Pro in a Typewriter
    Unveil Your Veil
    Walk Like a Princess
    Weirdest Myths in the Philippines
    Why are You Here?


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