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    Wednesday, December 19, 2012

    Yes Man (2008)

    Director: Peytoon Reed
    Lead actor: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel
    Genre: Comedy, Romance
    Synopsis: The man with no directions of his life, making oneself no worth. Along the process of isolating himself, the people concerns to his welfare are starting to detach themselves. Not until, he met a guy and introduced the program and everything turns smoothly by saying “yes”. Though he realized that things are not being taken as an advantage, it needs to do a selfless act. 

              Carl (Jim Carrey) acted of being melancholic in dealing with grief over his former wife in the film. Though I find it not convincing in a serious mode, we used to watch his previous movies that is plainly in comedy genre.

               Some of the movie lines are not that appropriate for younger generations. Otherwise, the adult would feel anxious watching with kids.  Taking into account the theme of the story is being a Yes Man. It feels so strange to say yes to everything. The positive outlook of life cannot always be in this manner.

           There is a scene that it will make the viewers feel not comfortable for an old woman to show endearment to Carl. It would be better to admire him as a young fellow, having a golden heart to give free service. 

               Jim Carrey is far better being a comic person; drama is not suitable for his character. It reflects in the scene the charm as a comedy actor, courting a woman is a typical way of having a sense of humour. 

              The character of Norman (Rhys Darby) who is Harry Potter fanatic, it seems so strange for Carl's boss to have this kind of passion. He portrays like a geek or nerdy, it can be justifiable to make the story interesting. Moreover, it is a comedy film and doesn't need to have a serious boss.

              Zooey Deschanel had portrayed a very charming and the love interest for Carl as Jim Carrey. She really had the looks to make viewers feel the light drama and appeal to be a girl next door image. The voice so natural and bring no doubt of her talent in singing.

    Rating: 6 out of 10


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