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  • Push (2009) ~ A Journey to a New World

    Sunday, December 9, 2012

    Push (2009)

    Director: Paul McGuigan
    Lead actors:
    Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle and Djimon Hounsou
    Action, Fiction


    The film showed the extraordinary powers possessed by different characters, the story focuses on how to combat the greediness. The supposed to be superheroes to serve the people were divided into two groups.


              The supernatural possessed of every individual was narrated by the young girl as a “watcher” (Dakota Fanning). The division track down all the people with supernatural powers since 1945. The plot seems so unusual since it is started with the control of the United States government as an experiment. There is a hanging background of what had happened to Nick as the “mover” after his father was killed by the division. Nick and Cassie got acquainted in Hong Kong; the plot was so strange to hide in this area. It doesn’t show in the film what made Nick (Chris Evans) it as a hiding place for the “mover”, the film fast track the pace of the story.
              Kira (Camilla Belle) played the role as a “pusher”, if her ability is to take control of the people surrounds her, why she was captured by another person who had the same ability named Agent Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou). With this kind of supernatural, Kira is still weak as a “pusher”, that’s the reason why she was administered a certain drug for the sake of experimentation.
              Along the course of the film playing, the ability of the “watcher” is to foresee the future; then why they need the assistance of a character that can “sniff” by Emily Hu (Ming-Na), to look for Kira. Thus as they had reunited and became as team in the movie, the “shadow” (Nate Mooney) will protect Kira, the “shifter” (Cliff Curtis) and Cassie’s mother. They planned a strategy to overturn the situation against the division.
              Nick’s plan to have envelopes to each of the main player of the movie, he let the “wiper” to wipe out his memories. Each envelope has different set of situational scenario to save all the characters in the film. The viewers will be able to think and complete the puzzle on how the story ends.

    Rank: 7/10


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