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    Monday, December 17, 2012

    Bedtime Stories (2008)

    Director: Adam Shankman
    Lead actor: Adam Sandler
    Genre:  Comedy, Fantasy
    Synopsis: The story of a handyman that brings the fantasy to his life interpreted to bedtime stories as told to his sister's son and daughter. 

              The film showed the typical bedtime stories for the kids, though the story is based on the life of a handyman (Adam Sandler). The story is unrealistic, but the viewers will be delighted to watch with a touched of comedy. 

                The comedy type of film was so entertaining not only for the children but for the whole family. But for the teen’s level, they may not view the film due to its effects only focusing for children. As Adam Sandler foretells his story, it made the children (Laura Ann Kessling and Jonathan Morgan Heit) participates in creating the bedtime stories. The imagination for the child can relate for having fantasy.

              I find it so weird that Mr. Nothingham (Richard Griffiths), the owner of the hotel where Skeeter works as a handyman. He portrayed having a type A personality, so delicate and overdo of being too hygienic person. A typical brat daughter (Teresa Palmer) enjoyed being high class lifestyle in the society. 

          The actors portrayed the greediness, inconsiderate, extravagant lifesytle, falling in love and being a dreamer. It is a comedy film that made the story so light to watch. The tales of the stories seems so simple and too unrealistic, but the imagination used to picture the interest in children's level of cognition.

    Rating: 7 out of 10
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