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  • A Weekend Get Away in Blue Beach ~ A Journey to a New World

    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    A Weekend Get Away in Blue Beach

              One way for a get away weekend travel from the "summer capital" of the Philippines is to go to a nearby beach.  One early morning last 18th of August 2012, I decided to ride a van going to Dagupan City. A fare budget of Php 110.00 ($2.59) going to the city, it takes 1.5 hours through Kennon Road. Along the trip, mesmerizing the sceneries: the mountainous terrain is inevitable to loosen tight muscles experiencing after long weekdays of work. Upon arrival to van station, riding to a jeepney (Bonuan - Tondaligan) with a fare of Php 10.00 ($00.24) bounded to Bonuan Blue Beach. Among all the cottages, I choosed Justin Cottage, paying it for Php 1,200.00 ($28.36). Since it is accessible to the beach 
    area and the place is so decent to stay for 24 hours.


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