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    Sunday, September 9, 2012

    Tajikistan Religion and Language

              Majority of the local  people are Muslim. I had seen the practices of Ramadan in that place, how  they religiously do the fasting. The difference of beliefs and religion were not a hindrance. For that matter,  I respect their doctrines and practices during my stay. In addition, I had discovered that there is also Roman Catholic: Saint Joseph Parish in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. I did attended a mass once, the church was not accessible due to far distance of my placement.

     Language is medium instruction for people to unite in a certain country. Prior to my departure from the Philippines, I tried to research all the resources to be familiarize about the language of Tajikistan. The purpose, to refrain from a communication barrier. To no avail, I went to search a book in National Bookstore. There are no other essential references for the national language of Tajiskistan. Since the country was colonized by USSR, I anticipate that they communicate in Russian language. Thus, I decided to purchase a Russian dictionary, transcribed from English to Russian words, phrases and sentences. The first thing I focus on the simple greetings, such as Hello! (Ezdrazvite),  Good Morning! (Dobraye Utra), How are you? (Kak di la?), What is your name? (Kak vas zavut?), etc. 

              The partner organization provided a translator, it is a standard protocol that all volunteers need to learn the language. In-country training started in the second day upon my arrival, I found out that the native language is Tajik. I was given a Tajik book and a compiled audio. I was disbelief of what I've heard, they do understand the Russian language, but they responded in Tajik language. I feel strange at first, but I need to learn the native language. Staying there for a year, I am proudly to say that I am more fluent in Russian than Tajik. Either of the two, I used to combine the languages when I mingled in the community. Only a few people can express themselves in English language, especially in the elders under USSR era. The younger generation is starting to learn the language in school. I've seen some places in Tajikistan who can speak English fluently in Khojand and Pamir region of Tajikistan.


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