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    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Walking Down the Road

              Today was a fine day to do some errands. I took off from the house  early in the morning. There is no definite itinerary activities, but I decided to ride a Trancoville jeepney bounded to Bonifacio Road. I might as well, start my day to walk down from Upper Session Road.

    SM Baguio

    Session Road Circle

    Upper Session Road 

    Lower Session Road

                I would like to go around SM Baguio, since it is easy to do my errands. For old time sake, I did the traditional way of go on foot down the road. As I walked-by in Session Road, I've noticed the changes.  I had missed the old structures of Sky World, a place where my grandmother used to see a watchmaker to repair her wrist watch. But now, it is an "ukay-ukay" stalls. In the opposite side, my mother used to buy cotton candy or ice cream in Coney Island. Now, it was replaced by a new business establishment. MS CID Educational Supply was still there, but the old-established book store was put into three divisions. An old school of buying stationeries, school supplies, cards, reference textbooks and pocket books.

                As I reached the Lower Session Road, I made a quick detour going to Harrison Road, a foot bridge away to Melvin  Jones.    


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