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    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Burn it!... in Burnham Park

              Are you a health conscious individual? The only thing you can do is, find time to jog around the Burnham Lake early morning. This is the best place to burn your body flabs and be fit as a fiddle.

               In the afternoon, it is common spot for rowing a boat with friends, relatives or family. You can even be romantic as a lover, to ride a swan-figured boat. Even I had a funny or naughty experience in that lake. You might laugh-out-loud when you read this. Baguio City doesn't have an easy access of natural rivers or beaches, my childhood buddy and I attempted to catch fishes in the lake. We are hoping to have a free gold fish to our aquarium. That's so embarassing for an adult to do, being a child that time is somewhat not that a big deal. Unluckily, we didn't get any. The course of action, we just need to go to Skating Rink.   


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