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    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Cross Stitch Craftmanship

              There is a reason for me to try cross stitching, we all known that women used to do this kind of hobby. When I had my intership program last September 2007,  in a school catering special children, I was assigned to a class having  cross stitch project. The manner of doing it, I decided to try it. Since one particular child is doing the project, he was so determined. In fact, the child is a "cerebral palsy", both spastic lower limbs are more affected than the upper limbs. He was mobilized through standard wheelchair. If he can do it, why can't I, right? This is my first and last master piece in cross stitching, I am a frustrated painter, so I picked the image of "Mona Lisa" pattern and it has 58 colors, a poster sized craftmanship height is 23" and width is 17", with frame's height 31" and widht 24.5". It is really a mind boggling to put the thread into the proper holes. After three months of hardships, I made the best accomplishment. The value was estimated for about Php 12, 000.00 ($ 284.00). It is a worth of a fortune, but I put into frame. And hanged the frame on our wall.   


    I've seen it and it was truly a remarkable work of art by you. If my wallet would just allow me, I'm going to buy it. Really nice work Steven,

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