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    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Revealing the Beauty of Baguio City

              Philippines has comprised of many islands 7, 107 as divided into three areas: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, unite from its unique cultures and traditions. Based on the history, colonized by three regimes: Spanish, Japanese and American. The remnants of the eras were shown evident in different places in the Philippines. One of the uniqueness of communication, every town has its own dialects: Bicolano, Kapampangan, Pangasinense, Ilokano, Ibanag, etc. On top of it all, the national language usage is "Tagalog". Then followed the second language of English.
              One of its pride places of the Philippines is the "Summer Capital", Baguio City. I speak it for myself, since I grew up in this peaceful town. I am fond of the past memories in this place. For the past years of staying and leaving my home town, the enormous attachment lingered in my state of being. The beauty revealed without a doubt, people engraved the memories into their heart.
              For the sake of reminiscing the past series events of my life, let me join you to have a refreshing adventure in every popular tourist spot in Baguio City. To do this, let me start in Cathedral as the main focal point to walk through this journey. There are four options to travel: the cheapest way is to walk, pennies in a coin purse to ride on a jeepney, a cab with a flag down of Php 35.00 ($0.83) or the most convenient hopping on board in a private / rented vehicles. For my personal prefence, a "combo travel": walking under the heat of the sun and feel the cold breeze of the weather, while sitting on the customized bench of a jeepney.

             Cathedral is situated in Happy Glenn Loop, the local people visit every Sundays to attend mass. If I have this ample time, I usually visit  the church for a short mass in the afternoon of weekdays. Even the tourist came to witness the mass of this famous church, offer prayers for their personal intentions. It will not be troublesome for nearby residents here, riding a jeepney with a regular fare of Php 8.50 ($0.20).  

    Our Lady of Atonement Arch

    Cathedral Baguio

    Cathedral Oratory

    Cathedral Sanctuary

    Cathedral Virgen Mary Falls

    Cathedral Jesus Christ on Crucifix

    Mountain Grown Natural Foods

           After having mass in Cathedral last 26th of September 2012, I decided to walk going to Pink Sisters Convent located in Brent Road. I managed to go straight to Leonard Wood Road.


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