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    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Good Will for a Good Shepherd

              An arch of Good Shepherd Baguio is very inviting to make footsteps towards the convent. I admit, this is the first time to explore the origin of the famous products of Good Shepherd, widely known by the people.   

    Good Shepherd Baguio Entrance

    St. Joseph
    The Worker and Provider

              As I sight the Mountain Maid Training Center building, people were so busy purchaising their local products. For the purpose of knowing the Good Shepherd Convent, I turned towards the left side of the building.

    Mountain Maid Training Center

               I moved to the garden, thinking I will find the convent. Instead, I saw the stations of the cross. But still, no convent visible. I even went to the chapel, but I had learned that the area is a dormitory for working students in the training center. Without knowing it, a young student approached and informed me that the convent is a restricted area for visitors. The search had ended, the final destination, Mines View Park.

    Rose Virginie Residence Chapel

    Our Lady of the Assumption


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