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    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Specimen for Biology Class

           Baguio Botanical Garden was still the best place to study plants, I was referring to biology class. A silly idea to obtain a specimen. I proceed by having a  quick snap shot of the entrance. Then stepping inside, a warm welcome from the tourist guide, not sure if it was been paid by the tourists. I took the chance, walked with them to see the place.

    People Rolling  Stone Carves

    Botanical Garden Arch

    Botanical Souvenir Stalls

    Wishing Well

    Taebek Bridge

    Taebek Park

    City of Vaughan the Proud Twin City of Baguio

    Bridge Replica

    Giant Igorot Monument

    Giant Igorota Monument

    Igorot Warrior Monument

    Igorota Harvest Monument

    Souvenir Paintings

    Ethnic Igorot House 

            As I roaming around, there is a particular cave that caught my attention. According to the tourist guide, the Japanese soldiers dwelt in that cave. The cave has several compartments, I tried to investigate by myself. Unluckily, I didn't bring any flash lights to go deeply into the cave. So I stepped back and decided to do it some other time.     

    Japanese Filipino Peace Memorial Park

    Botanical Garden Cave

    Inside the Botanical Garden Cave


    Monks on Stairs

          The weather is starting to get warmer, so I need to fast track my trip. Leaving the area, I saw some tourist taking photos with the local people, wearing a native costumes. Without a second thought, I move back on foot towards Wright Park. Before reaching the park, you can visit Saint Joseph Church and go around the Park Circle.  

    Saint Joseph Church

    Park Circle


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