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  • Culture in Tajikistan ~ A Journey to a New World

    Sunday, September 9, 2012

    Culture in Tajikistan

            The diversity of their culture were so different from my country that I grow up. I find so fascinating. For women, some of them used to have unibrow, the usually way of connecting the eyebrows with  "usma". This is a sign of beauty They have unique head scarfs and the dresses are similar to other Muslim countries, but it is shaded with light colors.

    Traditional Caps for Men

    Head Scarfs 

    Tajikistan Dress

    Traditional Clothes for Men
             The people have distinct features of gold teeth, it is a status symbol. The gold teeth is an expensive dental procedures. In old age group, they bow their head a sign of respect. For some, they  add a prefix "jon" at the end of their first name.


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