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    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Outdoor Activities for Kiddos

               While walking towards the Children's Playground along the side of Kisad Road. There are a lot of bikes piled up for rental. My siblings used to rent bicycles here, eventually learned to ride on it. At present, bikes are rented depend on what type: BMX for Php 30.00 ($0.71), while mountain bike, side car and go cart for Php 40.00 ($0.95) in every 30 minutes.

               As I entered the playground, I was welcomed with full of laughters of children, with a big smile. I felt so unfamiliar with the place, since it was in years that I haven't visited the area. I can not even see the see-saw anymore. After resting for about 30 minutes, I turned away going to Orchidarium. It would be nice to see the various plants and floral.


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