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  • Khujand ~ A Journey to a New World

    Sunday, September 16, 2012


                      Khujand is second largest city in Tajikistan. Most of young generations can speak English language. The place, where I held my last task to train the health workers, after which I walked around the city. I had seen the monuments, parks and museum.  

    Park in front of Theatre

     Kamoli Khujandi Theatre

    Museum of Sughd

    Museum of Sughd at Side View

    Khujand Town Proper

              The Khujand Bazaar has their major commodities, my first attempt to visit this, I lost my way back to the town proper. Eventually, I found the right path.

    Khujand Bazaar
      Khujand Lake

              Before taking off to Dushanbe, I took the liberty to visit Khujand Lake. It was a nice place, the only beach-like place in Tajikistan. A place, where I reminisced the similarities to my mother land. 


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